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OBS Full Best Tutorial And Overview

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If you want click done and then go ahead now and paste that URL that we just did so we’ll go ahead and paste that URL click done and now what’s gonna happen is you can see how I have the event list here as people subscribe and donate it’s coming up as a wonderful list here above my webcam and that’s not the only thing you can do I mean with the dashboard here you can see that there are much many more widgets there’s the goals widget the stream boss widget the chat box the viewer count there’s so many things natively within stream labs and if you guys want me so I can do a much more in-depth video of this showing you how to set all that up but Tv1 Malaysia

If you want to add any of these you just do it via a browser source which is where I showed you just a few seconds ago now another cool feature is the the themes that they provide to you so a basically strip stream labs OBS allows you to set up and utilize all of these scene themes so basically what you can do is let’s say oh I really love playing God of War or I’m doing this and I want my stream to look like this one here and then once you’re satisfied with

The way it looks go to install overlay and then once you install it and adding ads as a fresh scene collection in your editor and so now under editor you can see basically it’s giving you all of these things so as you can see here I am live here’s my beer at my BRB screen my ending my offline it gives you all of that stuff and then under live here when you go live it’s going to basically show you a list of things that are happening minute by minute as people subscribe as people follow you again there are just so many different things that you guys can do I encourage you