Where Can We Find Good Sources of Vitamin E?

Vitamin E functions as a great antioxidant. It can protect cells from oxidative stress. It means that vitamin E is really important for your body health. Considering the importance, it is very important to know the good sources of vitamin E. So, you can meet the need of vitamin E easily.

Foods with High Vitamin E

Where Can We Find Good Sources of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is commonly found on foods. The best food containing vitamin E is wheat germ oil. Besides that, sunflower seeds also belong to the best sources of vitamin E. Then, there is almond that comes with high vitamin E, too. There are still many other foods that are rich of this vitamin. They include hazelnut oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, abalone, pine nuts, goose meat, peanut, Atlantic salmon, avocado, rainbow trout, red sweet pepper, brazil nuts, mango, turnip greens and kiwifruit. https://dapureka.com

Animal Products with High Vitamin E

If you are looking for the good sources of vitamin E, you can focus on animal products. In fact, many animal products contain this vitamin. Some of them have been mentioned above such as abalone, goose meat, Atlantic salmon, and rainbow trout. However, there are some other animal products with high vitamin E. They include cod, lobster, octopus, fish roe, crayfish, and snails. https://dapureka.com/kursus-pempek-palembang-tenggiri-gabus-kakap-parang-online/

Fruits with High Vitamin E

We also have the list of good sources of E vitamin gotten from fruits. The first is avocado. Besides that, mango, kiwifruit and blackberries also offers high vitamin E. Then, black currants, cranberries, olives, apricots, and raspberries can also be considered.

Vegetables with High Vitamin E

When you search good sources of vitamin E, you cannot skip vegetables. In fact, you can find high vitamin E on some vegetables. We can mention red sweet pepper, turnip greens, beet greens, butternut squash, broccoli, mustard greens, asparagus, Swiss chard, collards and spinach.

Description: Good sources of vitamin E can be gotten from foods, animal products, fruits, vegetables, seeds, oil, and there are still many others.