THE LEARN OBS IN 30 MINUTES Complete Tutorial for Beginners

The output make sure that you have audio track 1 for streaming or whichever track you’re using for streaming and then for recording make sure audio tracks 2 & 3 eject now as you can see down here is as warning certain formats such as FL v do not support multiple tracks per recording dot move supports multiple tracks MKV supports multiple tracks and mp4 also supports multiple tracks the problem is mp4 if you cancel the recording before it’s done recording you can lose the entire video file which is bad for long recordings and MKV isn’t compatible with all video editors so you might need to reconvert MKV into mp4 and that’s why I used up move because doc move has both of tvmelayu

The advantages with none of the drawbacks it’s compatible with most video editors and it supports multiple audio tracks without losing all the data if the stream of the recording happens to shut off by the way if you do want to convert a video file that you’ve recorded inside of OBS then you should go up to file V MUX recordings you can find your old video file so here I have a dot move and you set a new output so the output can be any video file that OBS can record in so if I want to change the video file output type then I just need to come down here and set it to one of these formats down at the bottom so if I want to convert this top move into MKV I just change the extension at the end to dot MKV hit save and hit remarks so if you do that it’ll convert the video file from move to MKV

And we can go in here right and make sure that it is still running properly making sure that the bitrate is set 8,000 hear audio bitrate on off the tracks I will make that 192 as well and hit apply so let’s quickly go through the rest of the settings audio if you want to select a microphone source here you would do that for mic auxiliary device so here I can select my webcam mic or my headset mic I will keep it on the headset you can also enable desktop out of your device so generally this would be like your real tech high-definition audio if that’s the drivers that your computer uses which a lot of computers seem to so