Range Rover Evoque Convertible 2018 SUV in-depth review

This is the new Range Rover Evoque convertible and an SUV Cabriolet may seem like an odd combination but a bit like a peanut butter and jam. mmm it’s actually rather tasty now there is a price to pay for this though you see this car starts from forty seven and a half thousand pounds baby click up there to go to carbide rock code at UK you can save an average of three thousand six hundred pounds on a new car now equipment it’s really good but. then you’d expect it to be at that price so as standard do you get stuff like heated leather sport seats and yeah it’s great and storage well it’s okay decent size glovebox or the door bins are a bit of a weird shape where they can hold larger bottles in terms of interior design. yeah I like the look of the inside of the Evoque it’s all very chic though some of the materials they’re not really in keeping with this cause price tag this one’s got the upgraded 10.2 inch infotainment screen it’s the pro system and it’s super slick it’s dead nice to use dead easy really impressed with it much better than the standard system you get another gel our cars and yeah on the whole it’s quite nice.o be in it even if you’re in the back so to get there just fold this chair forward press this button ignore the noise the cars making maybe if I turn the ignition off just stop it.

There we go the only thing is is that I have to pull the chair back myself and keep my finger on the button which is a bit annoying but once in place you can soak up easily enough Headroom there’s also decently room for a convertible the only problem that I find is that well the foot wells are angled slightly so you sit a bit twisted but on the half will convert or yet not too bad at all in the backseat. that brings us onto the beach well it’s a lot smaller than the normal evokes because obviously you’ve got to make space for that folded roof so you definitely saw it into here but I’m a look on the hole yeah there ain’t too much room at all though you do get a ski hatch for obviously when you’re going on your Alpine adventures now if you want to see just how much stuff you can all can’t fit in this cars boot click up there to watch our fall into the practicality video you’ll also. be able to see what it’s like with two people in the back of the car and how easy is to fit a child’s eat now though it’s time to find out what the Range Rover Evoque convertible is like to drive so then the Evoque convertible. it’s it’s kind of an unusual beast and drive meet with a roofer I don’t really get it okay so it’s like a normal evoke so it drives okay and well being the convertible it’s slightly heavier because it’s fitted with braces to make up for the fact the roofs been chopped off and it comes in at about two tons which is a lot of weight and that does affect iheartcars.net

The engine so you can get a turbo petrol which is fast or a turbo diesel which is normally quite fast in the normal evoke but in this one because it’s heavy it does not 6 in about 10 seconds and it makes it less economical. as well so yes I’m averaging just over 30 miles per gallon which isn’t great also with this black roof lining it’s all a bit dark and dingy in here there’s huge pillars there the big blind spot. there and out the back window there’s body can’t see I’ll do anything at all and if you click up. there you can see for yourself by joining me for a 360 degree right so then you’re driving along and you’re largely unimpressed it’s it’s okay but then there we go you put the roof down. which I’m doing it just under 30 miles an hour anything wait a minute I’m in an SUV sat up high with the roof off this is actually pretty brilliant it’s quite an unusual experience and only in the convertible you feel like they were looking down on you and this year you’re looking down on. everyone else which is actually how it should be and I don’t mind that it’s not the sharpest handling car McKesson porn as well enough but who cares I’m gonna cruise around town in this car just gliding over speed hubs looking about the place feeling all cool enjoying the sunshine enjoying.

The smells of fresh air you know it’s it’s a unique experience and convertible should make you feel good about your life and this car does that now one of the great things about this Evoque convertible. is that you can be enjoying the drive the roof and then think oh I wonder what’s in that would detour hey well this is a bit of a unique experience driving through awarded the roof down you really enjoyed the smells plant some of the animals as well oh gosh yes now this course isn’t particularly extreme this car. can deal with a lot of stuff because he basically got all the the four-wheel drive Goodwin’s that get on the normal evoke so it’s a very very capable thing art isn’t murder head of me let’s put the Terrain Response system into muddy mode here we go here we go this is really very dry this car even more it is a unique convertible it is unique you can’t take that away from it and here we go back on.