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The Vision for the ScientistsDB Wiki

Scientists are everywhere but how do you find one when you need one? We live in a mobile society and believe it or not the person you want might be in the same city. For example you want to organize a scientific meeting, how do you find all the relevant scientists to speak? You want to find a persons bio to include in a meeting flyer or on a paper? You want to find a photohead shot to include as well?

This wiki developed from our own need to get a bio and a photo for a co-author on a paper..what if we could have done it without asking them directly. We aim to provide a bio and photo approved by the scientist that could be used for these or othere purposes.

Maybe you are an attorney and you need an expert witness on a topic. Pubmed would get you the topic and names - but getting contact details may take longer. This wiki should help too.

The Hosts of SciDBs

ScientistsDB is hosted for the community by two scientists interested in how connecting scientists can lead to collaboration and enhance contributions to science. These two scientists are specialists in their relative fields of chemistry and cheminformatics and in Drug Discovery.

Antony Williams is a part of the online social network as ChemConnector Wikipedia Twitter Blog LinkedIn Antony Williams user page

Sean Ekins is a part of the online social network as CollabChem Wikipedia Twitter Blog LinkedIn Sean Ekins user page


A list of all available categories in science are available here

An alphabeticized list of almost 50,000 scientists is available here

A list of all scientists categorized by country is available here

Adding Information

The linked page defines the process to add a new article to ScientistsDB.

A template has been created for you to use as the basis of each ScientistsDB article. Hopefully you are familiar enough with MediaWiki to create your own page. Once the page has been created then simply copy the text contained within the template into the page and edit as appropriate. The Article Template is available by clicking on the words Article Template in this sentence. In order to upload image files use the Upload File page.

If you wish to add any of the numerous widgets to your ScientistsDB page we recommend visiting the widget test page to see the latest updates of what widgets are available and supported. In order to see how they can be implemented we recommend looking at the record in EDIT mode. The ScientistsDB record here uses a number of the widgets as examples.

If you would like to suggest that an article be added for a particular scientist please add them to the Suggested Scientists to add list. We will also need some recommended sources of information to use as a basis for the article.

Publications and Presentations

There are an increasing number of publications and presentations available that might be of value to you in keeping track of this area of development. We will continue to update this Publications and Presentations page. Feel free to add links as appropriate.

One of the most popular blog posts that describes one of the reasons why we chose to create ScientistsDB is in regards to Why are pornstars more notable than scientists on Wikipedia? It discusses the notability guidelines in place on Wikipedia and how they constrain the nature of the articles from scientists that can be added.

Our Partner Sites, SciMobileApps and SciDBs

ScientistsDB has two partner sites: SciMobileApps focused on Mobile Apps for Science and SciDBs focused on hosting information about Scientific Databases. Both are community resources to share information about the various science apps and databases that are available. We encourage you to visit our partner sites and contribute.

Data Licensing

The data on this wiki is licensed according to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License as used by Wikipedia. Many of the original articles populated onto ScientistsDB were sourced from Wikipedia.

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